Production of “West-Engineering” LLC has a closed cycle from designing to installation on the territory of the Customer. Since 2015, the company has been actively investing in expanding technical capabilities of production.

High technical level, quality and competitive price of our systems, developed manufactured and implemented by our company, are provided with a combination of the most important components of modern production, i.e.:


Electrical engineering production comprises:

Test area comprises the following test benches:

"West Engineering" LLC performs acceptance tests using high-precision instruments, e.g. PETOM-61, ИКСУ-2000, FLUKE-726.



“West Engineering” LLC has implemented and operates system of technical control of the products, taking into account technical requirements for products supplied to nuclear power plants, as well as products for general industrial use:

  1. The materials, semi-finished products and components designed for the main production supplied to the company are subjected to verification in order to verify conformity of the product quality with the established requirements and prevent any launch of non-conforming products into production.
  2. The products manufactured by the company is subject to multistage control:

    - the first stage of control is self-control of the completed production operation by the operator according to the technological process;

    - the second stage of control is quality control of the production operations performed on the products according to the technological process by the production supervisor and foreman;

    - quality control of the manufactured products, marking of good and rejected products, registration of documents for accepted and rejected products by TCD employees.

  3. The finished products are subject production tests and, if the test results are positive, the products are provided for inspection to technical control department.
  4. TCD ensures final control, which provides for:

    - acceptance or bearer tests;

    - final acceptance including:

    a) checking completeness of products in accordance with the requirements of product standards and terms of supply agreements (contracts);

    b) registration of the results of tests and acceptance, execution of documentation certifying conformity of the manufactured and accepted products with the established requirements of the specifications and supply contracts.

    c) packaging in accordance with the requirements of the product standards and terms of supply agreements (contracts).

  5. To improve the quality:

    - progressive methods of control are being constantly improved and introduced at all stages of the production cycle of the products manufacturing;

    - test benches are being improved, modern test equipment and measuring and control devices are used;

    - in order to avoid any deviations from the requirements of the design documentation in the manufacture of products, personal control by the specialists of the design and engineering department is regularly ensured;

    - in order to avoid any deviations from the requirements of the technological process, quality of the technological operations, compliance with the technological discipline, quality and condition of the process equipment and tools are monitored on regular basis;

    - collection, analysis and synthesis of statistical data on the operational reliability of the products released by the company, analysis of the causes of product defects in its production and operation, and development based on the analysis of proposals to improve quality requirements for the products manufactured by the company, improve regulatory and technical documentation stipulating these requirements.

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“West Engineering” LLC is a reliable Russian company, which has been successfully operating since 2004.

“West Engineering” LLC is a modern, fast-growing entity specializing in implementation of integrated automation solutions for nuclear power plants and other facilities important to human life safety.

The staff of the company is comprised of engineering and production personnel with the required education, experience and work skills to ensure the full production cycle of manufacturing products from the idea (statement of work) to commissioning of the equipment at the operating site. The main activity of the company refers to development and manufacture of automated process control systems (APCS), thermal mechanical equipment, and special purpose equipment. The structure of the company includes: head office, located in Saint Petersburg, with an area of 2,987 square meters, and standalone unit in Udomlya, with an area of 3,640 square meters. Engineering and technical services are provided with modern workplaces and software necessary for development of design and technological documentation. The production service is provided with special tools, tools and workplaces for organization and performances of the works on installation, assembly and commissioning of the equipment under supervision of technical control department. The company has its own test benches and instrumentation to ensure incoming inspection of components, commissioning and testing of the manufactured equipment.