Work environment

In accordance with clause 6 article 15 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No.426-ФЗ dated 28.12.2013 “On Special Assessment of Working Conditions”, as of November 12, 2018, a special assessment of working conditions was performed at 246 workplaces at “West Engineering” LLC.

Of these: with acceptable conditions - 238; with harmful working conditions - 8.

A list of measures was developed to improve these conditions and ensure labor protection of workers, workplaces thereof were subject to special assessment.

Occupational safety is an important component of any production, defining human as the main value, because its safety and good health can make the production process more precise, which will increase the profitability of the company itself. Everybody knows about occupational safety, every person in his workplace is instructed in safety measures. Why is it important to know and follow safety rules at work? Why do we need something like “occupational safety”

Since the executives of any company are liable for the health and life of its staff, organization of labor protection in the company is one of the most important aspects that shall be taken into account at the stage of establishing a company as a legal entity. Its main provisions are set out in official documents designed in such a way as to protect each employee as much as possible from possible injury of a different nature.

The organization of labor protection at the enterprise primarily involves conducting an initial briefing, a thorough study of safety at each level of management. The labor protection specialist instructs the managers of the individual departments, who then conduct the training and subsequent monitoring of the persons under their supervision.