Policy in the field of occupational safety

To achieve this objective, “West Engineering” LLC:

  • Has developed and ensures efficient operation of OHS management system;
  • Ensures regular assessment of operation of OHS management system;
  • Evaluates potential health and safety risks and ensures their reduction;
  • Prevents any possible incidents, accidents, emergencies, and occupational diseases;
  • Constantly increases the level of professional training of employees, level of production culture and sense of responsibility of its employees for the protection of health and safety of their colleagues;
  • Improves working conditions and quality of medical care for the employees;
  • Decommissions obsolete and physically obsolete installations and equipment, introducing new safe technologies, automatic process control systems, step-by-step and persistently; Improves the technology of performance of works to eliminate or reduce human exposure to hazardous and harmful production factors;
  • Holds treatment-and-prophylactic and social economic measures aimed to improve well-being of the staff.

The management of “West Engineering” LLC undertakes to:

  • prevent injuries and deterioration of health, and improve health and safety management and performance indicators in the field of health and safety continuously;
  • ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements, as well as other requirements defined in the OHS management system documents;
  • analyze and review this policy on regular basis;
  • cascade this policy to all the parties concerned, including all persons working under management of “West Engineering” LLC.