The main objective of “West-Engineering” LLC in the field of environmental protection is continuous reduction of the man-induced impact on the environment. To achieve this objective, “West Engineering” LLC:

  • Develops, implements and ensures efficient operation of EMS;
  • Ensures regular assessment of EMS operation;
  • Prevents emergencies and minimizes their potential consequences;
  • Complies with environmental legislation, complies with established regulatory requirements and other requirements related to environmental aspects;
  • Constantly increases the level of professional training of employees, level of production culture and a sense of employees’ responsibility for the environmental protection;
  • Decommissions obsolete and physically obsolete installations, equipment, introduces new safe technologies, and automatic process control systems, step-by-step and persistently;
  • Improves the technology of performances of works to eliminate or reduce the impact on the environment;
  • Regularly ensures environmental monitoring, monitors compliance of activities of “West Engineering” LLC with environmental legislation;
  • Cascades environmental policies, regulations and requirements to its contractors, and ensures their implementation.

The management of “West Engineering” LLC undertakes to:

  • systematically inform the public and keep an open dialogue with all the parties concerned on the activities of “West Engineering” LLC in the field of environmental protection;
  • analyze and review this policy on regular basis;
  • cascade this policy to all the parties concerned, including all persons working under management of “West Engineering” LLC.